Mother Earth Delegation in the sacred territories of the Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland, Summer 2023!

Angaangaq “Uncle” Angakkorsuaq

Elder Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland


Uncle is an elder, traditional healer, spiritual teacher, and shaman from Greenland. He grew up in a remote village where his grandmother recognized his gift and trained him to become a shaman.  His spiritual task, given by his mother, is “to melt the ice in heart of man”.


His teachings come from the Eskimo Kalaallit – a peaceful culture that is thousands of years old.  Join Uncle in summer 2023, in the only land on earth that has not experienced war.  Join in ceremony with people who learned to survive in one of the harshest places on earth with peace in their hearts.


“I am the oldest one now.  I traveled through the war in Europe to get home to my land.  I want people to feel what it is like to walk on land that has never seen war, to be on land that is the oldest crust of earth, on the big ice of my country that holds water millions of years old.  The ice is melting so fast now.  The time to act is come!”


Join the Mother Earth Delegation and people from around the globe, here in the land of peace.  We will create ceremony, and pass the pipe for peace, for as many people as possible in the world.  The world needs our prayer and ceremonies.


“My grandmother said, when a ceremony loses its spirit, it becomes a ritual. A ritual is something we do because it’s always been done that way, where a ceremony is something that lives inside of you, growing and evolving constantly, it is a living thing.”



“Sooner or later in that ceremony, a bud will be born, and that bud will begin to open, and it will flower – and when the flower becomes a full blossom, there will be seeds within the flower.  Whoosh!  And because we live on this earth, winds of change will come upon us, and those seeds will be blown away – and some of those seeds will land, and a new ceremony will be born.”

We have kept our ceremonies alive for centuries upon centuries.  I remember the beauty of the old spirit.  The warring countries of the world need our ceremony now.  They need ceremony.  I need to give this ceremony for them.”



Join the Mother Earth Delegation in the sacred territories of the Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland, 

in Summer 2023!

When the Sun and Moon are in the Sky at the same time

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Uncle invites everyone to come into ceremony in Greenland, to help our brothers and sisters of Europe and around the world, to do ceremony with the pipe for peace.  Only by melting the ice in the heart of man will man have a chance to change and use his knowledge wisely.  The time is now.  The ice is melting!  The Elders have so much knowledge and they have learned to use that knowledge wisely.  This is Uncle’s prayer.  To light that fire in our hearts, which will make all things around us brighter for everyone, illuminating the beauty in everything around us, for the good of all, and for the healing and peace of everyone in the world, and for the Mother Earth herself.


With this intention, we are gathering so we can deepen our relations, come to know more about the diversity of our cultures, and unite our prayers and actions as we listen to Mother Earth and the directions she will bring during our ceremonial times.  Come, join our prayer! 


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