Elin Teilus (Sámi, Sápmi, Sweden)

Elin Teilus A singer, yoiker and artist of the Sámi. Daughter of the lands of Udtja, Sábme. From her rebel heart and with a proverb for the innocence of Life she yoiks the unseen and unspoken. www.elinteilus.se

The music is encapsuling grand sceneries at the same time as being intimately close, always with elements of free creation. The musicians are handpicked from internationally renowned musical worlds; Rickard Åström, a former member of the twice Grammy awarded Folk Group Groupa, Roots rock guitarist Mats Jenseus and Anders Waernelius, who has a lifelong experience of the eastern and Nordic folk percussion tradition. Together they form a unique musical breed that flies with Elin and her yoik on strong wings.

Elin and her band has been touring Sápmi, Sweden, Norway with performances at Korröfestivalen, Stora Teatern, Gothenburg, Jokkmokks winter market, Sámi week in Umeå, the 25 th jubilee of the Sámi council in Sweden, National Ceremony at Uppsala Cathedral/Swedish television. The debut album Iellemij – To Life is a tribute to the lands of Udtja, Sápmi and its people. Honouring the ancestors and the generations to come. The Earth. To the sacred sanctity of all Life.

Elin was the recipient of the Västra Götalands Cultural Scholarship 2019.

“…Within Elin Teilus’ music the Sámi tradition of storytelling is alive; Listen to her joik and you will meet the reindeers, the clear water of the cold well, the winds… It brings hope for the understanding and respect of the Sámi identity and history.”