Let us take a moment to share how The Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations was born… This movement was organized by some of the delegates that attended The Flourishing Diversity Summit at London University in September 2019.

A ceremonial call to action was carried out there uniting all nations through the heart with Mother Earth and for future generations. This call to action was in response to the news that 2 1/2 tons of radioactive waters was poured into our oceans from Fukushima and more fires set in the Amazon.

A fully united moment brought the awareness that we can no longer keep trying to get the establishment to listen. It is time for us to listen to the direction available through Nature’s laws. It is time to step out of systems that are failing to sustain life, and step into solutions collaboratively designed for all life. 

When we left London and the Flourishing Diversity Summit in September, the Delegates had asked Grandmother Erena Rhose (Maori, New Zealand), Grandmother Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook (Oglala Sioux Nation, Turtle Island) and Grandmother Jyoti Ma (Elder, USA) to move a prayer forward that would declare the intrinsic sovereignty of the Original Peoples and restore their Original Caretaker roles over their territories.

The original meetings in London opened a platform for Original Peoples, in accordance with ancestral protocols and guidelines, to stand up for the Rights of Mother Earth and Nature’s Laws, reclaiming their inherent sovereignty and restoring their Original Caretaker roles to their territories.

Grandmother Erena received guidance that there may need to be 3 meetings.  The first gathering was scheduled to be held at the Radisson Hotel in Stockholm for March 26-29th, 2020. This gathering would call in the spiritual leaders and elders from the North.

During the challenging days of 2020, we saw the world systems shutting down. It is a time to pause. To reflect. To listen to Nature’s direction. For many months, we organized a private council gathering in Stockholm that was planned for March 26-29th, 2020. Original Peoples‘ representatives, spiritual leaders, faith keepers, and tribal council leaders from the Sami territories of Finland, Sweden and Russia, North, South and Central America, Greenland, India, New Zealand, Africa, and Australia, were coming together in a four-day private council in Stockholm, Sweden. Then the world shut down and air travel was banned. So, we went online with a prayer gathering on March 28th and lite our fires in our own nations. Many other Original Peoples around the world joined their fires with ours. Over 33,000 people from around the world joined us that day.

We began to hold monthly online prayer gatherings bringing the sacred songs, teachings and messages from Mother Earth about how to walk through these challenging times. These online gatherings have brought the Delegation to the world stage and a global community is forming around this prayer and the initiatives that are growing at Nature’s direction.

Spirit guided us once again and October 1st-4th, 2020, some of the delegates would travel to Stockholm for a gathering. The rest of the delegation would join us online. The Sami delegates would welcome us all into their territory, and the first fire was lite for and with the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations. This time allowed the Delegation and others interested to begin to make relations.

As time has unfolded, working circles have been formed inside the delegation. Sacred territories and their importance to the global climate crisis we are in is evolving.  Earth has hit an irreversible tipping point due to the accelerating climate crisis and ecosystem collapse. 80% of the remaining biocultural ecosystems are the sacred territories maintained and sustained by the Original Peoples of those territories. And these territories face disproportionate and unprecedented destruction by extractive industries. We are working with many collaborative partners to restore the original caretakers to these lands and to regenerate and reactivate the sacred sites. The climate crisis is only the symptom to what is happening. The Mother Earth needs us to restore her systems following the protocols she has given to the Original Peoples.

Another working circle is one dedicated to the Proclamation the Mother Earth Delegates drafted while in Stockholm that clearly states why it is important to rescind the Papal Bulls. That document can be seen in its entirety later on on the website. This circle is also working to stop ecocide globally. For first, we must recognize when the bad seed was planted that brought a genocide to the Original Peoples across this Mother Earth. And now laws are being drafted that will make it a criminal offense against humanity if anyone brings harm to the Mother Earth. With this in mind, the Mother Earth Delegation has forged an alliance with the Stop Ecocide Global Movement.

This is a global collaborative response to the current acts of war against Nature. These increasing acts are threatening Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants. We must unite all nations and align with Mother Earth once again. Our survival as a human species relies on it!!

The guidance is that we need to go to the South next to gather the elders and spiritual teachers there. And then, finally, to upper state New York to stand on the eagle/condor prophecy line and knock on the door. The Mother Earth Delegation is in consultation now to determine if this is still Nature’s call and direction.

Due to the international situation, there is a heightened need for collaboration among the Original Peoples of the world to protect their sacred lands and indigenous rights. They carry the voice for the Mother Earth. It is time to stand with this wisdom. Our times are calling for all nations to enter into this collaboration. Nature has a way to respond to these times, if we will but listen.

  • Are there challenges we are all confronting where a global collaboration would give a stronger response to those challenges?
  • How do we protect the sacred sites, lands and cultures of our Original Peoples in a timely way? How do we resource this global work?
  • What can we do to strengthen our communities?
  • How do we protect our waters? Are there alliances and/or partners that would strengthen our movement forward?

Before President Trump left office, he quietly took sacred lands out of our park systems and conservation lands and began having them auctioned off to the public. He was literally selling the Black Hills, the sacred sites of the Great Sioux Nation. Activating a collaborative land trust that can get the return of these lands to the Original Caretakers is essential. Thankfully, our new president has the wisdom to see why such action is needed for balance to return. His most recent nomination of Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior has brought hope to many. If she is confirmed, it will be the first time a native woman will sit in the Cabinet. And the first time since this land was stolen from its Original Caretakers, that a Grandmother from the Laguna Pueblo will be restored to the Original Caretaker role of this Turtle Island.

Our very existence is counting on us all to wake up and unite. What has come together to support Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations has come together very quickly with many magical happenings along the way. We have all felt the hand of the Great Mother on this and wish only to support what She is revealing to us all.