Milo Yellow Hair, Oglala Sioux Nation (Turtle Island)

Milo Yellow Hair “Tanka Omniya” is in his 70th year of praying to understand the beauty of Mother Earth. The Lakota lifestyle of a common man is central to Milo’s spiritual journey. Always indebted to his family’s sacrifices, prayers of medicine peoples, and the Sundance celebration of creation, Tanka Omniya is happy to be part of this Mother Earth spiritual leaders’s outreach at this critical time of a living world. He truly loves his people, Mother Earth, and everyone who walks on her. He spent his life fighting for the rights of Unci Maka and the human rights of indigenous people. He has taken the cause to the UN in Geneva and NYC since the 70’s, fights against uranium mining, fights for a nuclear free future and fights for his Lakota people. He is the field director for Slim Buttes Ag, a biodynamic gardening project on the Pine Ridge reservation. It’s goal is to become a truly independent nation through self sufficiency, growing your own organic food, planting on a schedule determined by the stars.