Universal Mother Okomo Minko Laurentine, Bwiti (Gabon, Africa)

Mère Universelle (Universal mother) is her initiate name in the Bwiti; she is Nima (equivalent of shamans in Gabon). Today she transmits what she has received: “Rediscover yourself the gift of expanding Consciousness”. Her teaching is used to establish a balanced message between us, the invisible world of our ancestors and the nature around us. In 2007, she was initiated to the sacred wood and understands that it is important to humble oneself to love Mother Earth.

She is the eldest of a big family. In Gabon, she finds its place in the songs and dances into the tradi-modern. She tries to pierce Christian mysteries and feel the call of the Divine Mother.

Laurentine integrates as the artist the “Mbeng N’tam” troop and travels to several countries to represent the Gabonese tradition. She finally decides to share her experiences and settles in the initiatory village “The City of the Source” near Libreville.