Miami Spiritual Alchemy & Dreaming Gathering with Grandmother Flordemayo’s in-person ~ February 10th and 11th in Miami, Florida

🌟Warm Greetings and Heartfelt Thanks! ✨

It’s been a while since we connected, and we’re sending waves of gratitude your way! As we step into the enchanting realms of 2024, we hope this year brings you magical moments and abundant blessings. Thank you for YOU!

Now, for some exciting news! We’re thrilled to share details about Grandmother Flordemayo’s first in-person event in 2024, brimming with inspiration, connection, and spiritual wonders. But that’s not all – as a token of appreciation, we have some FREE gifts awaiting you. Dive into these sacred offerings and let the magic unfold.

When the Grandmothers from the Four Directions speak, a new time comes to humanity and fulfills an ancient prophecy known by many of the world’s Indigenous tribes.  A Hopi proverb says: “When the grandmothers speak, the world will begin to heal.”  That time is now.  You’re invited to join Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo and Maori Grandmother Moetu for a once-in-a-lifetime, in-person event February 10th and 11th in Miami, Florida.

The Miami Spiritual Alchemy & Dreaming Gathering is a powerful and timely 2-day retreat for unity, healing, and awakening at this pivotal moment on Earth. The Grandmothers view the earth as the giver of life and the Mother of all things. They are painfully aware of the dire state of our planet and have announced themselves as forerunners of an international movement with a common ideology to preserve our natural world. They teach reverence for all creation – the Earth, air, fire, water, and all living beings.

As you co-create your journey, you’ll find yourself being nurtured, like a sacred seed. Each day will be filled with wisdom, guidance, and prayers.

This sacred circle will be a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event you don’t want to miss. Manifest your magic within!

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