Virtual Class on Sundays: Daydreams, Nightmares, & Visions of Your Future taught by Yeye Luisah Teish and Kelly Beard

Taught by Yeye Luisah Teish and Kelly Beard (Karmic Tools)
Sundays from Feb. 5- March 26, 2023
3:00-4:30 Pacific Time

Come let us dream a world together.

As winter approaches, the earth’s energy recedes into the deep dark silence to regenerate.  This is the perfect time to sleep and dream, clarify our visions, and prepare for the emergence of Spring.

This 8-week course discusses sleep -styles, recording in our dream journals, establishing our symbol systems, and meeting dream totems and ancestral guides as they speak to us in dreams. It will address the concerns of those who have difficulty dreaming, encourage those who want to enrich their relationship with their dreams, and harvest the power of lucid dreamers.

We will examine our daydreams and the images visiting us during sleep.
Our nightmares reveal hidden fears, and methods such as consulting oracles and sleep concentration exercises are provided to neutralize fear and transform it into courage.

Myths from African, Indigenous, and Eco-spiritual traditions will inform our understanding of the dream’s ancient meaning.

The course includes stories, songs, exercises, and rituals. There are recommended readings, YouTube videos, and writing prompts. We will cultivate community by sharing our dream journals and works of art.

The moon’s phases, the planets’ movement, and the energy of the season will be celebrated in a Spring Equinox ritual.